The HUPO C-HPP Chronicle

Date Event
2020.5.15-15 23nd C-HPP Workshop in St. Petersburg-Valaam Island, Russia (TBA)
2019.9.15-19 22st C-HPP Workshop in Adelaide, Australia
2019.5.13-14 21st C-HPP Workshop in St. Malo, France, May 13-14, 2019
2018.12.7 HPP JPR Special Issue No. 6 published
2018.10.1 C-HPP neXt-CP50 (Characterization of unknown function proteins) Pilot Project Launched
2018.9.30 20th C-HPP Workshop in Orlando
2018. 6.16 19th C-HPP Workshop in Santiago, Spain
2017.12.1 HPP JPR Special Issue No. 5 published
2017.9.17-21 18th C-HPP Workshop in Dublin, Ireland
C-HPP PIC decided to extend the project term to 2027
2017.4.27-28 17th C-HPP Workshop in Tehran, Iran
2017.1.24 Publication of MissingProteinPedia Paper in Nat Comm.
2016.12.10-12 16th C-HPP Workshop in Rio de janeiro, Brazil
2016.11.4 C-HPP JPR Special Issue No. 4 published
2016.9.18-22 15th C-HPP Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan
2016.8.24 HPP MS Guidelines v2.1 were established.
2016.5.1920 14th C-HPP Workshop in Xiamen, China
2015.9.27-10.1 13th C-HPP Workshop in Vancouver, Canada
2015.9.4 C-HPP JPR Special Issue No. 3 published
2015.6.23 12th C-HPP Workshop in Milano, Italia
2014.10.5-9 11th C-HPP Workshop in Madrid, Spain
2014. 8.9 10th C-HPP Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand
2014.7.30 Special C-HPP Workshop in Sydney, Australia
2014.3.26 9th C-HPP Workshop in Busan, Korea
2014.1.3 C-HPP JPR Special Issue No. 2 published
2013.9.14 8th C-HPP Workshop in Yokohama, Japan
2013.3.17 7th C-HPP Workshop in Berlin, Germany
2013.1.4 C-HPP JPR Special Issue No. 1 published
2012.9.10 C-HPP was officially launched with full 25-international members in HUPO Boston Congress
6th C-HPP Workshop in Boston, USA
2012.5.5 5th C-HPP Workshop in Beijing, China
2011.9.5~9 4th C-HPP Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland. (during 10th HUPO Congress)
C-HPP Principal Investigators Council (PIC) was established with its governance, C-HPP guidelines and formation of Senior Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB).
2011.3.30 3rd C-HPP Workshop in Busan, Korea
2010.9.23 HUPO officially launched HPP (Chair: Gilbert S. Omenn). as Major Initiative at 9th HUPO Congress in Sydney.
2nd C-HPP Workshop in Sydney
2010.9.19-21 HUPO Announced an official launching of HPP which consists of C-HPP and B/D-HPP (HUPO Initiative teams were merged into B/D-HPP(Chair: Ruedi Aebersold)
2010.6.16 C-HPP was officially organized with leadership (Chair: Young-Ki Paik).
Six more teams (Chr 3, 8, 17, 19, 21 and X) joined the C-HPP Consortium.
2010.1.25 HUPO HPP WG hosted the first workshop in Seattle.
2009.11.2 HUPO leadership formed an official working group (WG) for HPP organization
2009.9.27 HUPO council decided to drive HPP as major HUPO Project in HUPO Congress in Toronto 1st C-HPP Workshop during 8th HUPO Congress in Toronto.
2009.3.27 The concept of Working Group formation was suggested by Sam Hanash at KHUPO
2009.3.3-4 Russian and Iranian Teams selected Chr 18 and Chr Y as targets, respectively.
2009.1.2 ProteoMonitor reported new HUPO President's (Young-Ki Paik) plan to push and launch HPP
2008.10.7 JPR special report Chromosome-based HPP
2008.8.16 Science reported a new movement of HPP during HUPO Congress, Amsterdam, Sept 26, 2008
2008.5.30 Korean team (Y.K. Paik) takes Chr 13 as a C-HPP target (1st C-HPP team)
2008.1.5-7 HPP WS in Barbados discussed a frame of Gene-Centric HPP which becomes later C-HPP
2005.4.24 Nature suggested a role of HUPO in leading the Initiatives, Standardization and others. (Editorial)
2001.3.21 Sam Hanash, 1st President of HUPO Organized 1st HPP Initiative (HPPP, led by Gil) in NIH