Missing Protein Annotation Taskforces

Working Group Formation of C-HPP

Background for reshaping working group: The HUPO and HPP leadership have suggested that annotation work on the missing proteins (MPs) should be expedited. Taking these constructive suggestions from the HUPO community into account, the C-HPP leadership has been working on the reorganization of current C-HPP Consortium into more active working group modules in three teams. The current C-HPP consortium will continue to run, and the working groups are more focused on special missions as key players in the next Top MP50 campaign (e.g., MP search, annotation, and functional study).
- MP Annotation Team MP Annotation Team (Team Red): This team mainly comprises those involved in the MP50 campaign led by Chris Overall.
- MP Bioinformatics Team (Team Green): This team mainly comprises those involved in public DB maintenance or related bioinformatics services in each Red and Blue team. This team is led by Lydie Lane.
- MP Functional Study Team (Team Blue): To expedite the discovery of rarely expressed MPs, it was suggested that we organize several MP functional study groups that will use various cell lines, rare tissues (e.g., nasal epithelial for olfactory receptor), IVTT technology, membranes, and model organisms. This team is led by Young-Ki Paik.

MP task force diagram (april 2017)