Chromosome 3

1. Group composition

Participating country(ies): Japan, Sweden, USA, Singapore, Tailand, Singapore, Taiwan
Head: Takeshi Kawamura
  • Co-PI: Toshihide Nishimura
  • Hiromasa Tojo, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
  • Co-Chair:Tadashi Imanishi, National Institute of Advanced industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tokyo, Japan
  • Co-Chair: Thomas P. Conrads, Adjunct Associate Professor, Chief Scientific Officer, Gynecologic Cancer Center of Excellence Women's Health Integrated Research Center at Inova Health Syste
  • Secretary: Kazuyuki Nakamura, Yamaguchi University
  • International Collaborative Team Member: Dr. Siu Kwan Sze, Newman, Assistant Professor, Director of Proteomics Core of Bioscience Research Centre, Office: 03n-37, Singapore

2. Missing proteins

Protein evidence according to NeXtProt for Chromosome 3(external link):

Initial eveidence for proteins with NeXtProt level PE2
Q8N2R8 ProteomeXchange with ID PXD000434(external link) from Lange, Huesgen et al.(external link)

3. Bioinformatics protocols

4. Analytical protocols

5. Biological projects

6. Biomaterials

7. Data sets

8. Special expertise

9. Major achievements

10. The neXt50 challenge